24 bright 13-15 year-old students, from years 9-11, residents of Malta (participants need to be under the age of 16 during the camp).


To excite young learners about learning, to open new horizons for them, to help them recognise better their own potential, and to encourage them to aim high particularly in the field of science and technology, as well as instilling an entrepreneurial mindset.


Mount St Joseph Retreat House. Equipment for teaching and learning is available in the main hall of the facility with field trips to various laboratories at the University of Malta.


All secondary schools are being invited to nominate their top three students from years 9 to 11. All nominees are invited to submit a proposal for an innovative product concept around the theme of bionic enhancement. Participants are encouraged to be inspired by the ‘special powers’ of their favourite superhero and explore the possible near-future scientific reality within the realm of science fiction as well as identify possible real world practical applications.

Submissions are to be uploaded by the school on the designated portal by 22nd May 2022. Shortlisted applicants might be called in for an interview. The selected 24 participants shall be notified by 10th June 2022.


Four days of focused activities going into various learning areas, run by the best specialised educators we can find. Sessions are not meant to follow National Curriculum in any way, but to excite the student about big ideas around a central multidisciplinary theme in the field of science and technology as well as to instil an entrepreneurial mindset and give the applicants a structured approach for developing innovative ideas. The programme is being run in collaboration with the University of Malta with a view to giving young talented students access to tertiary level content. The theme chosen for September 2022 is Bionic Inventions which brings together various concepts from the health sciences, engineering and information technology covering exciting cutting-edge and sci-fi concepts such as bionic enhancement, wearable technologies, cybernetics and brain-machine interfaces; as well as the practical applications and ethical issues around these innovations. The participants will also have sessions on entrepreneurship and will be divided into groups with a view to developing their own product concept which they would present to a ‘Shark-Tank’ type panel at the end of the week. These sessions will be interspersed with fun activities, such as a nature treks with a biologist and a star-gazing astronomy session.

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Prof Pierre Schembri Wismayer M.D.(Melit.), Ph.D.(Glas.)
This year’s academic programme will be led by medical doctor / bioengineering researcher Prof Pierre Schembri Wismayer who is also on our Advisory Board. Pierre is a great believer in science education and regularly takes part in TV and Radio shows to encourage children to take up science. He is a lecturer and researcher with the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and has a strong interest in anatomical biomechanics, where he holds a number of patents including a novel hip joint, which is close to commercialisation. The event will also be supported by electrical engineer / researcher Prof Simon Fabri from the Faculty of Engineering. Simon is the University’s Prorector for Research & Knowledge Transfer and Chairperson of the Centre for Biomedical Cybernetics. Together Pierre and Simon will also rope in other lecturers and PhD students from their respective faculties to help deliver the programme.