12 bright students from Sixth Forms in Malta and Gozo, aged at least 16 on application date and not as yet turned 18 by the 16 July 2022.


To inspire young people to be the best version of themselves and to think about making the world a better place. To encourage them to think about climate change and to empower them to achieve positive outcomes.


The Mellieha Holiday Centre, Malta. (Danish Village)


Submissions will be assessed on the basis of personal aptitude of the applicant and the ideas they present. The applicants will be judged on their qualifications, experience and motivational statement. The ideas will be judged on the basis of novelty, doability and scale potential. The idea can be for a project, policy measure, campaign or any other initiative aimed to reduce climate emissions or to adapt to climate changes in their communities (local, school, activities, virtual) within the next 3 years. The ideas can be related to the way people live (homes), play (recreation) how they move (transport), or how they study or work. They can therefore target enterprise, citizens, government, voluntary groups or schools. Students are encouraged to dream big while showing aptitude to act within their sphere of influence.

Applications will be open from 30 March 2022 to 15 May 2022. The selected 12 participants to be notified by 30 May 2022. Shortlisted students may be invited to a virtual interview during May 2022.


A 3-day residential event with activities focused around the central theme of climate change, adopting a multidisciplinary, hands-on approach. Students will identify and analyse climate issues in their communities, investigate solutions, and formulate an action plan where they can make change happen. They will also acquire transferrable life-skills. In a fun, safe and respectful environment, participants will follow a series of expert-led workshops. They will be encouraged to express their Ideas. They will workshop their ideas in groups, in Q&A sessions, and one-to-one with mentors until they present the progress on their plan on the last day. These sessions will be interspersed with fun and inspiring activities, and rest. Participants will receive a certificate of participation and will be featured in an audio visual production on their proposals. Particularly promising ideas may be offered further sponsorship/mentorship to take forward their ideas. Participants may be invited to report on their progress in a similar programme in 2023.

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The programme is led by Dr Marie Briguglio under the direction of the Founders, Administrators and Advisory Board of the Foundation.