February 2023 – July 2023 – (last Saturday of every month)


Exceptionally bright 5-12 year-old children who pick up new skills more quickly than their peers and who look for a greater challenge and learning experiences.


To excite high potential learners to become independent learners, to open new horizons as well as  to help them recognise better their own potential. In addition, the programme is to encourage them to aim high including but not limited to science, technology and innovation, as well as instilling an entrepreneurial mindset.


St Michael School Pembroke


Requests for participation should be supported by letters from schools and/or educational psychologists outlining the special educational needs of the child. We are looking for exceptionally bright kids who are seeking that extra stimulation to shine brighter.

Applications for the programme starting in February are now closed and we will soon start reviewing applications for the new programme starting in September. In exceptional cases we might be able to accept new intakes mid-way through our current programme. Interested parents should contact us by email on


The events will be held Saturday mornings and will cover various learning areas, run by the best specialised educators we can find. Sessions are not meant to follow National Curriculum in any way, but to excite the child about big ideas and exciting topics, as well as to instil an entrepreneurial mindset in a fun and engaging environment. We shall be using a project-based learning approach encouraging the children to work in teams and to share their ideas with other like-minded peers. These sessions will be interspersed with fun and engaging activities to help the children make new friends outside school whilst catering for their socio-emotional needs.


Erika Micallef

Erika is our programme director. She has been an educator for over twenty years, most of which she spent working in a church school. She graduated from the University of Malta as a primary and physical education teacher, during which time she had the opportunity to study at Rowan University in New Jersey as an exchange student. This encounter piqued her interest in cross-curricular education. She later chose to pursue a Master’s degree in Gifted Education after noticing a severe lack of provision for gifted and twice-exceptional learners in Malta. She hopes to bring about change and close the gap. She is thrilled to be able to pursue her professional passion for working with high-potential and twice-exceptional learners through Julian’s InventaLand Programme.


Claire Cassar

Claire is our consulting psychologist on the programme. She is a warranted Educational Psychologist specialising in assessing and supporting children who may experience difficulties between early childhood and late adolescence; including development, learning, emotional and behavioural problems, speech and language delay, Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, and physical or multiple disabilities. She also works closely with schools, parents, and other professionals to enhance the child’s well-being and overall development. Claire is the Founder and Director of Social Steps which offers Social Skills training for children on the Autism Spectrum, as well as for typically developing children who face challenges in social skills or who would like to enhance their social and emotional intelligence. In addition, she also delivers workshops for parents and educators. She is trained in Special Yoga and Mindfulness Practice for children with ADHD and Autism and OCD.