Nadia Spiteri

Adrian Spiteri

Reuben Spiteri

Dr Rosienne Farrugia

Rosienne is a lecturer and researcher with the Department of early Childhood and Primary Education and coordinator for the Masters of Research in Giftedness in Primary Education at the Faculty of Education, University of Malta. Rosienne conducted her PhD thesis on gifted education and is very passionate about the need to provide young gifted children the support required to develop their full potential.

Dr Angelo Dalli

Angelo is a computer scientist, a serial entrepreneur and business angel investor. In his early life Angelo has benefited from gifted education initiatives having represented Malta in the Young European Environmental Research contest and in the International Olympiad in Informatics where he won a bronze medal. Angelo also knows Julian having met him when he was still considering his career options.

Dr Stefan Frendo

Stefan served as partner with Ganado Advocates for most of his career and he is now semi-retired. Stefan had offered Julian some career advice when he was searching for his path. Stefan is a philanthropist at heart. He is also a clown doctor (k/a Dr Buzz) with the NGO Dr Klown.

Prof Pierre Schembri Wismayer

Pierre is a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine & Surgery and the Faculty of Health Sciences, and has a strong research interest in biomechanics. He is a great believer in science education and won a contract with the EU’s FP6 to produce an international television series, later called X-lab, broadcast in Malta and Cyprus to encourage youngsters to take part up science as a career.  He also regularly takes part in Teen Science cafe to encourage children to take up science.

Mahira Spiteri

Mahira is Julian’s aunt. She is a Project Manager at the Directorate for Research, Lifelong Learning and Employability. She has worked as an LSE and has taught Philosophy at Junior College. She has volunteered and worked as project coordinator with local NGOs and abroad in India, South Africa, and the Palestinian Territories. She has a first degree in Philosophy and a Masters in Cooperation and Development.

Michele Gauci

Michele was amongst Julian’s closest friends at St Aloysius Sixth Form and they were together at the Law course at University. Michele also participated with Julian and Matthew Micallef St St John at MaltMUN.

Alec Sladden

Alec was amongst Julian’s closest friends at St Aloysius Sixth Form and they were together at the Law course at University. Alec has recently taken up the post of Marketing Officer at GhSL (Ghaqda Studenti Ligi).

Matthew Rapa

Matthew was one of Julian’s closest friends throughout primary and secondary school at St Michael’s and later at St Aloysius Sixth Form. Matthew is currently reading for a degree in architecture at the University of Malta.

Nadia Spiteri

Nadia is Julian’s mother.
Nadia is a pharmacist by profession with a masters degree in pharmaceutical technology from King’s College (Lond) and is now reading for a degree in history of art. Nadia has been working in the pharmaceutical industry for most of her career, and is currently a Qualified Person within this industry.

Adrian Spiteri

Adrian is Julian’s father.
Adrian switched paths numerous times before seeing the light!
He originally graduated in chemistry & biology then switched to corporate finance with a big 4 firm and qualified as an accountant. Some 10 years later he started his own business in renewable energy whist continuing to do some advisory work through his own firm where Julian also used to help out.

Reuben Spiteri

Reuben is Julian’s uncle.
Reuben travelled and worked around the world for about 6 years before finding his path back in Malta where he entered University as a mature student to read for a master’s degree in philosophy. In parallel he co-founded Earth Garden Festival and Kuluri marketing & design firm.

Edward Sultana

Edward is an engineer, philanthropist and environmentalist. He has carried out various voluntary work in Malta and Uganda and is the founder of ‘No to Plastics Malta’.
Edward is also coaching a number of Julian’s friends for the Malta-Gozo swim and he’s also coaching Julian’s parents for the next year’s marathon – both events are on Julian’s bucket list and will be promoted as fund raising events for the Foundation.

Pierre Cassar

Pierre has extensive experience in broadcasting media. He is currently the Director for Marketing, Communications and Alumni Office at the University of Malta. He also served as CEO of the Broadcasting Authority and Chair of the Mediterranean Network of Regulatory Authorities. He is active in sport administration having served as Director of Media with the Malta Olympic Committee between 2000 and 2004.

Matthew Micallef St John

Matthew Micallef St John got to know Julian and became very close friends through their participation and active role in the Mini European Assembly, Model European Parliament and Malta Model United Nations (MaltMUN). Matthew also served as president of the Junior Chamber of Advocates for two consecutive years. Matthew is currently the Malta Youth Delegate to the United Nations.

Patrick Tabone

Patrick is a graduate in international relations from the University of Cambridge and was a member of Malta’s core negotiating group during EU accession negotiations. He was also Chief of Staff at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs at the age of 26 and later served as Chef de Cabinet of former EU Commissioner Joe Borg’. He then took on the role of Principal of Chiswick House School and St Martin’s College, and is now leading his family business Sigma Coatings (Malta) Ltd. Patrick is also one of the founders of the Ladybird Foundation.

David Spiteri Gingell

David held a series of high-level appointments with MITA, MCST and MEU. He was also a Policy Advisor to the Cabinet. He also led the pensions reform and the Retirement and Financial Capability Strategy. He is also heavily involved in corporate governance roles, sitting on the boards of major enterprises. David also served on the board of the Richmond Foundation.

Dr David Camilleri

Dave Camilleri is a lecturer at The University of Melbourne and holds a PhD in gifted and talented education. In 2016, he was awarded the Dr Lawrie Shears Doctoral Scholarship for outstanding PhD research. He has worked in the educational field for 16 years. In spite of leaving formal education at sixteen, Dave has successfully completed a B.A.(Hons.) Philosophy and Linguistics, Post Graduate Diploma of Education (Humanities and EAL), Specialist Certificate of Teaching for Graduate Researchers, Master of Arts in Philosophy (research), Master of Teaching in Thinking, Creativity, and Knowledge, and a Master of Education in Relationship Skills for Educators.

Mark Azzopardi

Mark Azzopardi is a mechanical engineer with a background in environmental technologies. He has occupied management positions in both the private and public sectors and is a licenced corporate service provider. Mark is the founder of Working Town, a company aimed at creating opportunities for businesses to discuss issues of social importance, and he is also the network coordinator for the Association for Equality.

Dr Mariosa Vella Cardona

Dr. Vella Cardona is a warranted lawyer holding a post-graduate degree in European and
Comparative law and has been practising for the past 25 years. After eight years within the
EU department of a leading law firm as an Associate, in 2007, she set off on a freelance
capacity, providing consultancy services in various areas requiring expertise in EU laws and
policies. In the course of her career, she occupied various roles including that of Deputy
Chairperson of the Board of Governors of the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs
Authority and a member of the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality. Between
2009 and 2019, she also occupied the post of Deputy Secretary General of the Malta
Bankers’ Association, an association having as its members all credit institutions licensed to
operate in Malta. She is currently also engaged as a legal officer to the Malta Institute of
Accountants, providing general legal support relating to the vetting of agreements,
disciplinary matters, anti-money laundering legislation and data protection laws, amongst
others. Dr. Vella Cardona is also a visiting examiner at the University of Malta besides being
a regular contributor to the local media.

Celine Suban

Celine is currently reading for a degree in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Malta, and hopes to use the knowledge she has gained in order to help others. She has taught various subjects enthusiastically, varying from reading to mathematics to programming, to both children and adults. Celine loves learning and spends her free time doing Massive Open Online Courses and reading. Being a board member at the Julian Pathfinder Foundation allows her to combine all of her passions and share her passions with other like-minded individuals, while contributing to making the world a better place.

Lisa Suban

Lisa is a sixth form student at Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School, taking Pure Mathematics and Physics at A-level and Psychology, English and Graphical Communication as Intermediates. She is volunteering with the Foundation as part of her Systems of Knowledge project. She enjoys playing video games, reading books, skiing and swimming. She looks forward to making some memories and hopes to gain some more knowledge throughout the experience.

Paula Debono

Paula is currently studying biology and chemistry at De La Salle sixth form. She is interested in furthering her studies in these subjects at University. She has been involved with the Foundation since September 2022, after volunteering in their second camp related to bionic inventions. Paula’s hobbies include dancing, travelling and exploring nature. Julian’s 9th rule ‘Set challenging but realistic goals’ resonated the most with Paula.

Katrina Conrad

Katrina is currently studying English and French at De La Salle sixth form. She hopes to study English and International Relations or English Literature at University. She became involved with the foundation after attending the foundation’s first camp which discussed climate change and sustainability, with the aim of fulfilling Julian’s goal of changing the world. Katrina’s hobbies include traveling, reading and literature, and hiking.

Megan Muscat

Megan is currently  studying Biology  and English at De La Salle sixth form. She hopes to study English Literature at University and has a passion for creative writing and art. Megan participated in the foundation’s first camp which dealt with climate change and Julian’s “Change the World” goal and has been helping out since.

Dr Erika Galea

Erika has recently founded the ‘Educational Neuroscience Hub Europe’ in Malta with the aim of creating more awareness and a better understanding of the development of the brain, within the context of teaching and learning both in the school and workplace environments. With a Ph.D. in Psychology and Human Development (UCL) and an MSc. In Educational Leadership (Leicester), Erika implements her expertise in this area by acting as an education consultant in quality assurance, as well as coaching and mentoring in Educational Neuroscience delivering bespoke workshops tailored to a variety of corporate organisations and educational institutions. Erika knows Julian having been his deputy head of curriculum at St. Michael Junior School.

The Julian’s Pathfinder Foundation was established on 30th September 2021 and has been registered as a Legal Person (LPF- 368) on 6th January 2022. The Foundation is a public benefit foundation within the meaning of article 1(4)a of the Second Schedule and enjoys a separate legal personality. The Foundation is also enrolled with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations (VO/2304).

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