Why I want to study / practice law

I will be working with interesting and intelligent people
I would be able to make use of my existing network, as well as grow it
Sense of completion in my work - projects often have a start and end
It would provide me with transferable skills, particularly soft skills
I would be able to work in diverse areas, facing new problems regularly
Prestige: I would be proud to call myself a lawyer
Opportunities to work abroad if I choose to
I will not feel replaceable, as I offer a unique valuable perspective
My knowledge across a wide array of fields would aid problem solving
Future proof - advisory will always require a human element
I could be involved in the integration of AI in the legal field
Knowledge of Maltese law, as well as civil and common law, is very valuable
The course will help improve my work ethic
Law relates to our social nature, which interests me
Law can be applied to economics - potential masters course
May have the opportunity to work on large and influential transactions

The Julian’s Pathfinder Foundation was established on 30th September 2021 and has been registered as a Legal Person (LPF- 368) on 6th January 2022. The Foundation is a public benefit foundation within the meaning of article 1(4)a of the Second Schedule and enjoys a separate legal personality. The Foundation is also enrolled with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations (VO/2304).

Contact Details

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5 Triq il-Gamar, Attard, ATD 2462, Malta